Kraken has really become the most popular platform today, despite the fact that the platform was opened just a few months ago. In a very short time, has gained an audience of tens of thousands of users, dozens of new stores with various kinds of illegal products are registered here every day .

In fact, the history of the KRAKEN is much longer than it might seem at first glance. It is necessary to remember what events took place half a year before the official appearance of this platform. In May 2022, the news that the Hydra Onion platform was closed was distributed in all publics. This is a site that, like the KRAKEN, sold illegal drugs and was the top in its niche. After the closure, tens of thousands of users were left without a familiar place of shopping.

Everyone understood perfectly well that Hydra could not disappear without a trace and soon it would be reborn into something larger and more powerful, at least new. And so the site appeared , which, according to unofficial information, is the same Hydra, but in a new guise . Kraken does not confirm this information, but there has been no refutation from him either. The fact that many people think that Hydra and the Kraken are the same platform has played a major role in the latter's rapid rise in popularity.

The main thing to keep in mind — this is safety, because you will try to buy a ban and you are unlikely to want law enforcement to find out about your preferences.

In order to remain in the dark web and on you should use the TOR browser. This program can be downloaded in a regular browser, again, with the VPN module enabled. This utility allows you to remain anonymous and completely invisible. This is achieved by regularly changing the IP address, this function is built into the TOP and works offline.